Hardware and Software Requirements

MSF Maker can be installed in a Microsoft Windows-based personal computer with (a) minimum RAM of 1 Gigabtyes, and (b) sizeable screen (1280x1024 minimum resolution). 

Several example input data sets are included in the software distribution medium/CD.





To download a compressed installation file for MSF-MAKER (12 Mbytes, updated October 2017), CLICK HERE .  


After downloading, unzip/extract the file. Copy the msfmaker08 folder & its contents to you local C drive.


The msfmaker08 folder contains sample input data sets, an online help file and a dummy license file.


Run Setup to install MSF Maker on your PC or notebook (running on Microsoft Windows).


IMPORTANT: If you have any problem when you try to install, please contact us.

If your PC/notebook runs on Windows Vista or Windows 7 (and the Msf-Maker seems unable to launch or an error message appears), you may have to:

a)      right-hand click on the msf-maker2010.exe (executable) file (located for e.g. in C:\Program Files\msfmaker\...) and check/choose the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack3’ & ‘Run this program as an administrator’ options (on the Compatibility Tab) &

b)      install Microsoft Office suite(Word, Excel & Powerpoint)


Read important notes in readme.txt file. 


If you would like to receive an installation CD (Figure 1 below), please email to msfmaker@gmail.com. We will try to send it to you via airmail service.


A welcoming window/form (Figure 2 below) will appear when you run the software. Notice the textbox that says “Serial number for license is…” .


Email this 8-digit number (generated by the software running on your PC/notebook) to msfmaker@gmail.com and we will send you a 6-MONTH FREE/COMPLIMENTARY license.






Figure 1




Figure 2